Fureco World

The history of Fureco started in Italy in the early 1920s.
In Seregno, just outside of Milan.

Cesare Gavazzi faced the difficult economic recovery after World War I by starting up a leather goods store in Piazza Roma, right in the same spot where the homonymous boutique is still today.
Thanks to his entrepreneurial dynamism and willingness to travel, the founder soon realized the trade opportunities for fur skins in the Italian market, attending the most important auctions at that time.

After the crisis caused by World War II, Cesare boosted the business with the help of his sons and trusted craftsmen,

triggering a significant growth path that – in the 1970s – would lead the family to found Fureco, the company that produces its own Fabio Gavazzi and Mavina collections along with those of some of the most important fashion houses.

The history continues today thanks to the third generation of the family, represented by the Gavazzi brothers: Cesare – CEO, member of the board of directors of Associazione Italiana Pellicceria (Italian Fur Association) and Vice President of Mifur; Fabio – creative director; and Alberto – commercial manager, responsible for the relationships with the biggest fashion brands and representing Italy in the International Fur Federation.



Know-how and excellence in craftsmanship, between tradition and innovation.

The expertise in fur skins acquired over time is the most distinctive characteristic of Fureco brands. Their understanding of the subject validates not only a timeless tradition but also a style philosophy that guides the company through the entire production chain, from supply to tanning, from design and pattern making to distribution.

This deep specialist knowledge combines with the skills of the craftspeople, some of whom have been working in the factory for more than 30 years. Along with the sartorial approach to furriery, the brand has always balanced tradition and technological innovation by integrating the philosophy of handmade with state-of-the-art tools and software.


The brand’s concept concerns both work ethic
and product sustainability.

Fureco was one of the first companies to adopt the Furmark® fur skins certification. As such, we make sure to select fur skins from countries where animal welfare regulations and environmental standards are in force.

Over the past few years, we have also been participating in a project regarding pelt traceability, that we use throughout the production to guarantee the highest quality to our customers.


“The real creative challenge is to seize the international public’s expectations and interpret them by shaping a material that is difficult to work and extremely delicate by nature, but also capable of conveying fascinating and versatile meanings, which makes it a wardrobe essential for every woman.”

The essence of Fabio Gavazzi’s collections is described by the quality of the furs together with the visual and tactile sophistication achieved through continuous research and experimentation.

The design team, led by the brand’s creative director Fabio Gavazzi, plays with shapes, palettes, and details to create fresh mixes of fur and other materials – both traditional and modern – such as silk, cashmere, and suiting fabrics like Prince of Wales check. The craftsman’s creativity is expressed in the graphic virtuosity and multicolor intarsia patterns, 3D-effect layers, hand embroidery designs, fringed hems, and laminated metallic finishes, that make each piece haute couture.


The brand is currently distributed in Italy and internationally with a wholesale network of select customers, mainly located in Russia, Europe, South Korea, and China.